Saturday 28 July 2012

Home Sweet Home x

Connor finally got home on Monday 9th July, we have been so busy just enjoying all being together, getting back into a "normal" routine and fitting in hospital appointments that this is the first time i have sat down to let u all know how our little star is doing...... he is GREAT!, his spirits always soar when he is home with his sisters and all his blood results are up and improving as proof.

Its the little things that make all the difference, waking up together, having breakfast together, watching dvds on the sofa together... just being together helps erase some painful memories of Connor at his lowest.

 Its been a really difficult few months but we are finally seeing his little spark back and his energy is gradually building, his appetite - whilst still small is improving, and he is eating eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner, he missed being able to have them in hospital!! We are making fresh juice every day, have switched to goats milk products and are generally trying to get as much goodness in to his little body as we can, he isnt sitting still tho so is burning off so many of those precious calories!

We finally got to the cinema to see The Amazing Spiderman, and Ice Age 4, we squeezed in a long weekend in Weymouth before his repeat tests started this week... 7am at GOSH everyday!Were hoping to get back their again before Radiotherapy starts on 8th August.

All in all its been a crazy and tiring few weeks, this blog will have to be short and sweet as duty calls but we wanted to share some recent pics to show u how great Connor is doing and thank everyone again for their love and support xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday 1 July 2012

Finally... Some positive news!

There has not been much to blog about these last weeks, Connor's progress has been slow but steady - he is no longer sleeping at all during the day, his meds have all been reduced and after a Particularly bad sickness day when his nasal tube came out I managed to persuade the doctors to leave it out for good, providing he showed he could eat,drink and take his meds orally within 24 hours, I knew he could do it and he is doing so well he is finally off his TPN ( calorie drip). The last week has been harder emotionally than it has been in a while, Con is very tearful and says a 100 times a day how he just wishes to be better, we have promised him he can choose anywhere fun to go when he is allowed home but just says, " I want to go to our house", it's really upsetting but even tho it's hard it is actually a good sign as when he is feeling unwell he doesn't complain about being here. I've lost count but I think today he has been here 6 weeks, but really even tho he had a few hours at home every day for a week after surgery he only slept at home once since then, so it's been closer to 11 weeks since we have all been home together properly. This weekend the girls came up and as the playrooms are still closed on the ward due to the flu bug still doing the rounds, the doctors allowed us to leave the hospital, yesterday we took Connor in his wheelchair for a little walk, and as he had a platelet transfusion overnight we were allowed to the local park today, Connor refused the wheelchair today,(another good sign). It is only a short walk but Con is really stiff and very frail but as soon as got to the park he wanted to play football with his new spiderman ball, he is too nervous to run without holding mine or Riks hand but he made a great attempt, it's heartbreaking to watch him, this cancer - the effects of chemo, has stolen so much from him, especially his energy and innocence but my boy is still fighting and what he lacks in physical strength he makes up for in spirit!! Rik kicked the football so hard earlier that his shoe flew off and Connor nearly doubled over laughing, a real belly laugh, it brought tears to my eyes, as he doesn't laugh like that much anymore. But even tho our life is so different now, that quick trip to the park did us all some good and gave me and Rik a little more hope - and walking to the park, all 5 of us, something we did day in and day out before, felt amazing and I was the happiest this afternoon than I have been in weeks. The next bit of good news is that the doctors have set next weekend as a possible leaving date, Connor is counting the days but I don't want to get our hopes, or his up too much, but I am hopeful and as its Riks birthday next Saturday, I couldn't think of a better present for him than to have Connor home....fingers crossed xxxxx